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8 tips you can implement to grow your Instagram page while creating business opportunities

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Here are some ideas on how to start a side hustle and increase your income in 2021.

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I recently put my business, Maths with Lily, on Instagram — here’s what I’ve learnt in a week of organic growth.

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My experience of creating a WordPress blog in 2021 — including why I threw my first attempt in the bin.

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How to use five of the top searched column operations for Python package Pandas on Google

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Copying and exporting data from SSMS to share can be frustrating without headers — here’s how to include them

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An intro to Pandas plots you can use to help transition your analysis and data visualisations from Microsoft Excel to Python

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Getting started

And why I’m not about to turn my back on it

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1. The upfront cost is only £2!

13 methods you can use to avoid repeating tasks in Microsoft Excel, while up-skilling yourself in Python and gaining back time.

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How you can use these pandas methods to transition from Microsoft Excel to Python, saving you serious time and sanity.

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1. Import an Excel file

df = pd.read_excel(some_file_path)

2. View your new dataframe

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